The Geoclense

Neutralizes noxious EMR fields unique to buildings in the home and workplace.

In today's modern world, we are surrounded by technology that emits electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electromagnetic fields (EMF). While these invisible forces are essential for our daily lives, they can also pose significant health risks. The constant exposure to EMR and EMF pollution can cause headaches, fatigue, insomnia, and even cancer. To combat this problem, a revolutionary device called Geoclense has emerged.Lets explore what the Geoclense is, how it works, its benefits, and how it compares to other EMF protection devices.

  • The GeoclenseThe Geoclense is a healthy, negative charge resonance field generator designed to balance the noxious, unhealthy positive charge resonance created by all forms of EMR, RF, Wi/Fi, Earth Radiation and Bioplasmic Radiation.
  • For average sized homes, large homes, and buildings.
  • Protects the building as well as the grounds surrounding the building.
  • There is no limit to the size of the property. You can be in a small flat or a large farm with hundreds of hectares of land and it will all be fully protected.
  • Plug it into ANY power point in your home (does not need to be centrally located).

The ultimate geomancy harmonizer which will harmonize ALL forms of harmful noxious energy emissions, including;

  •  Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)
  • Earth Radiation (Geopathic Stress)
  • Bioplasmic Radiation (Human Generated)
  • Negative Solar and Planetary Retrograde influences

The Geoclense harmonizes all Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Radiation in buildings including ALL the following;

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) produced by…

  • Digital TVs
  • Smart Meters
  • Baby Monitors
  • Bluetooth Devices
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Laptops and Tablets
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Mobile Phone Towers
  • High Voltage Power Lines
  • Wi/Fi Routers and Modems
  • Cordless and Mobile Phones
  • Artificial Heating and Cooling
  • Noxious Resonance from Mold and Fungus

 Earth Radiation (Geopathic Stress) produced by…

  • Seismic Fault Lines
  • Underground Water Veins
  • Drinking water, sewer, storm and gray water pipes
  • Radioactive Geological Matter (For example Uranium and Coal)
  • Hartman, Curry, Benker & 400-meter Earth Magnetic Grid Lines

Bioplasmic Radiation (Human Generated) imprinting produced by…

  • Juvenile emotional stress
  • Illnesses and diseased organs
  • Death imprints/” Paranormal” Activity
  • Previous occupants’ emotional distress
  • Negative psychic impressions/Psychic attacks

Solar and Planetary Radiation imprinting produced by…

  • Planetary Retrograde influences
  • Beta Gamma from X, C & M-class Solar Flares/Solar Winds
  • Beta Gamma Radiation from Cygnus X3 for people in the Northern Hemisphere

Harmful Effects of EMR on the Body

Development of the Geoclense

Pioneered by Gerard Bini, the Geoclense was developed by professional geomancers and EMF consultants over many years. Using methods such as Kinesiology, Bioresonance, Lecher Antenna and Biotensor testing that we have performed on the many competitive devices on the market, strongly indicate a placebo only effect. Many other devices on the market will typically only handle 3 forms of geopathic stress, and they can cost as much as $1000. Research has also shown that many of them work inefficiently reducing geopathic stress by 30%. The Geoclense device is 100% effective.

 "A good example of the Geoclense efficiency being, having recently holidayed at an 11-story apartment building, which had four mobile phone panels on its roof - the equivalent of staying in a Mobile Phone Tower. The presence of the phone panels virtually made the building uninhabitable due to the extremely noxious Electromagnetic energies created by the phone panels. Immediately upon arrival in our room we plugged in the Geoclense, and within seconds the Electromagnetic Radiation and Earth Magnetic Radiation from the Benker grids were cleared, even though they were still there, I could no longer feel them stressing the body. The whole building and surrounding area was harmonized" Gerard Bini, Developer of the Geoclense

OEAHow it Works

The Geoclense works by harmonizing the electrical wiring circuit in a building. In effect the wiring in the building becomes an antenna to the Geoclense, making it work to harmonize incoming noxious energies which are described above.

By using the harmonic frequencies of nature, we create harmony with our technology. The GEOCLENSE Home and Work Harmonizer is programmed to neutralize noxious EMR fields unique to buildings.

The Geoclense also harmonizes any noxious energy emitted from appliances connected to the harmonized circuit. Because EMR is a major contributor to the deterioration of the natural earth magnetic grids such as Ley Lines, Benker Grids and Water Veins, Geopathic Stress is also completely harmonized within the building(s), which the Geoclense is operating.

Even though the power point switch is turned on, the Geoclense is not using any electricity but is neutralizing it simply accessing the electrical circuit, making the Geoclense completely safe to use. When the device is switched on, the space feels lighter and clearer and the well being of the people restored creating a healthier and happier home or office environment. The more sensitive you are to feeling energies, the quicker you will notice the difference. Others who are less sensitive to these subtle energies will notice this over time.

The Geoclense has an effective range which will harmonize to the boundaries of the smallest or largest properties. This means not only is your home protected but your property grounds are as well!

Geoclense versus other EMF protection devices

There are many other EMF protection devices on the market, but Geoclense stands out for several reasons. First, Geoclense uses a unique technology called Orgonium, which is a proprietary blend of natural minerals and crystals that work together to neutralize EMR and EMF pollution. This technology is not found in any other EMF protection device on the market. Second, Geoclense is portable and can be used in any room of your home or office, providing protection wherever you go. Finally, Geoclense is a one-time purchase that provides continuous protection, unlike other devices that require ongoing maintenance and replacement.


To activate the Geoclense simply plug it into ANY power point in your home or office (Does NOT need to be centrally located). If your electrical wall socket has a power switch, ensure it is switched on (note that there is no switch located on the Geoclense device). Your entire home or workplace will immediately become free of noxious energy emmissions.

"The geoclense has evolved to being much more than just a powerful radiation harmonizer. Over the years there are so many more built in programs that deal with negative energy imprints, things that you are often not aware of affecting your psyche, mood and ultimately your long term health. Geoclense is a must have for every family." Gerard Bini, Developer of the Geoclense

Orgone Energy

Wilhelm ReichOrgone Energy can be described as a life force which permeates all living entities. Orgone is the name for which Wilhelm Reich labeled the "substratum from which all nature is created".

Wilhelm Reich was an Austrian-American psychiatrist as well as a psychoanalyst. In the 1920s, he did extensive research into the nature of this invisible omnipotent life force, and he found he was able to attract Orgone energy through combining organic hydrocarbons and inorganic substances in alternating layers. Various materials were tested including organic substances such as oils, resins, cottons, as well as inorganic substances such as metal filings and other minerals. Different layered combinations of these materials resulted in the Schumann, Orgone, or life force creating devices which are available today.

Deadly Orgone Radiation

Deadly Orgone Radiation is created when electromagnetic pollution or EMF radiation permeates the sensitive life force energy surrounding us. It becomes agitated and is eventually killed off all together. Electromagnetic pollution comes from anything electrical, including power lines, refrigerators (the electrical motor in a refrigerator incidentally contributes to the food going off), TVs, even the motor in your car, resulting in us feeling Electromagnetic stress.

Smart Meters are being installed in electrical meter boxes and water meters domestically worldwide. This has caused considerable concern to many people as the meters generate microwave energy to transmit readings. The Geoclense has been tested with the Smart Meters and will harmonize the microwave radiation created by Smart Meters, thereby providing protection from smart meters.

Read the article Your Smart Meter Could be Adversely Affecting your Health and see what the American Academy of Environmental Medicine says.

This results in us feeling agitated, or unexplained anger. If we are repeatedly exposed to Deadly Orgone Radiation, we will experience headaches, dullness, lethargy, insomnia and eventually degenerative diseases.

Note that the mobile phone tends to give off a very aggressive form of radiation, yet we hold it up to our ear next to our brain to interfere with our sensitive brain waves.

Orgone energy producing devices do not require batteries, nor do they need to be recharged. There are many different devices available made from different substances, by different builders, but the ones that we use and sell at Natures Energies are hand made by a Geomancy specialist that builds such devices. We have used other Orgone energy devices in the past but they have proven much less effective as shown by the drinking water test described below. The specialist that we use refers to the Orgone devices that he builds as "Schumann Generators". The Geoclense is his greatest invention.

A Schumann Generator differs from other Orgone Energy Devices in that it generates a far higher, cleaner resonance over a much larger area.

 Uses and Applications of Orgone Energy (Life Force) Producing Devices

 There are a variety of ways in which Orgone Energy devices such as the Geoclense can be utilized including but not limited to the following;

Removal of dangerous EMF fields in ones home or workplace.

 Better hydration of the cells in your body with water charged with Orgone energy, and surface tension of water effectively reduced.

Improved flavors in foods and wines.

In geomancy, Schumann generators can be used to counter geopathic stress, resulting from ley lines, curry lines, the Hartmann or Benker grid or water vanes.

People have often reported improved mood and emotions in the presence of an Orgone Energy device.

People find that they can often sleep better (especially the case with the Geoclense which harmonizes earth magnetic grid lines and all EMR fields within an entire building).

Plants are observed as growing quicker in the presence of a Schumann generator device. Fish tanks and aquariums function a lot better with fish swimming in a vibrant water packed with life force.

With the range of the geoclense, more bird and animal life is observed in the areas around the home, almost as if the wildlife senses an ambiance rather than the constant hum of electromagnetic radiation.


From a metaphysical view point, a Schumann Generator has the capacity of keeping negative entities such as succubus, incubus, reptilians and Drakonians away. They are also used by geomancers to dissolve "death imprints" (the point in a home where someone has previously died), spirit lines (which emanate from the death imprints) or to remove ghosts. If there is a ghost attached to the imprint or to the line, the Schumann generator device will assist the ghost in moving on to higher dimensions as a corporal being rather than being earth bound (achieved via the embedded program within the generator which addresses the etheric state of the ethereal being). The Geoclense device which is the most advanced of the Schumann generators is the only device known to date that will eliminate the negative effects resulting from every form of geopathic stress known. By reading about the Geoclense, you can read about every form of geopathic stress that is known to exist.

The remedy to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) - should we select shielding or should we modify the radiation we are exposed to?

For over 20 years, we have examined various devices which manufacturers claim either shields or alters EMR, making it safer for the body. In the 1990s a compound called orgonite was developed and it was found to produce orgone energy, and partially lowered the dangerous effects of radiation. Various devices such as pyramids and pendants were made into various artistic pieces and were found at various shows, websites and in some specialty stores. Over time, geomancers with a more sensitive nature concluded that orgonite caused more harm than good, yet these products are still sold globally and manufacturers are unaware of the potential dangers of orgonite thinking they are doing more good than harm. Our own observations led us to the orgonium devices displayed below. These devices in our opinion are the most effective, and the safest products on the market globally, and we receive positive feedback regarding his products regularly.

 In the last year or so, we have had many people writing to us saying that they have purchased a geoclense, and when they use an EMF meter to check for radiation levels, there is no change whatsoever. They often question is the unit working at all? The answer is yes! A geoclense will not actually shield radiation, but it will alter the frequency making it safer for human organs (in fact so safe there is no negative effect on the body whatsoever which is scientifically confirmed by medical diagnostic equipment such as bicom, MORA, and Orion Electro Dermal Biofeedback which measures stress on organs).

Some people have compared the geoclense with an EMR radiation shield, and observation shows that the shield lowers radiation, but NEVER clears it completely. A shield will work "diluting" the radiation by spreading it, and thus lowering the guass, or EMR concentration, and this is shown on an EMF meter. The problem is that it might be lowered, but it is still at a dangerous frequency to the human body. This is confirmed by kinesiologists through simple tests. Beware of cowboys or professors armed with EMF meters as they are leading to scientific conclusions, but we can show that the lowered radiation levels are still dangerous to our health.

The other point is where there has been a source of EMR, and when that source has been removed, there is always an imprint which remains. This can be shown by switching on a toaster in an area where it is not normally used. Feel the area with your hand before you place the toaster in a specific area, switch it on, leave it for a while then switch it off and then remove the toaster from that area. Feel the area where the toaster was switched on and feel the subtle difference with your hand - the area that you feel is known as an imprint. A geoclense is the ONLY device known that can remove such imprints.

The conclusion is that it is not possible to completely block radiation (unless we go to extraordinary steps), but we can alter the radiation making it completely safe to the human body. This is possible using the geoclense.

Your Smart Meter could be Adversely Affecting Your Health

Smart meters remotely read electricity consumption and deliver data via a wireless communications network that operates between the electricity distribution business and its customer. The meters transmit data along a road from home to home, from your neighbours meter to your meter to the next house and so on until it reaches the base station at the electricity company. A neat idea, but you are getting swamped with microwave radiation each time this happens!

In a press release from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine released on April 12, the AAEM called for immediate caution regarding smart meter installations. Citing several peer-reviewed scientific studies, the AAEM concludes that “significant harmful biological effects occur from non-thermal RF exposure” showing causality. The AAEM also expresses concern regarding significant, but poorly understood quantum field effects of EMF and RF fields on human health. “More independent research is needed to assess the safety of ‘Smart Meter’ technology,” said Dr. Amy Dean, board certified internist and President-Elect of the AAEM. “Patients are reporting to physicians the development of symptoms and adverse health effects after ‘Smart Meters’ are installed on their homes. Immediate action is necessary for protection from smart meters.”

Dr. William J. Rea, past president of AAEM says, “Technological advances must be assessed for harmful effects in order to protect society from the ravages of end-stage disease like cancer, heart disease, brain dysfunction, respiratory distress, and fibromyalgia.

In relation to smart meters, the AAEM calls for:

  • Immediate caution regarding “Smart Meter” installation due to potentially harmful RF exposure
  • Accommodation for health considerations regarding EMF and RF exposure, including exposure to wireless “Smart Meter” technology
  • Use of safer technology, including for “Smart Meters”, such as hard-wiring, fibre optics or other non-harmful methods of data transmission


The Geoclense has been tested with the Smart Meters and will harmonize the microwave radiation created by Smart Meters.

Pricing and Ordering

Select the Geoclense with the correct plug configuration for the country from where you are ordering.


Orgone Geoclense with Type A Plug
Orgone Geoclense with Type A Adaptor Plug Attachment

Suitable for plugs with this type of configuration;

e.g., Bermuda, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands Antilles and Thailand.
Click here for a complete list of other countries.
Price: $149.95

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Orgone Geoclense with Type B Plug
Orgone Geoclense with Type B Adaptor Plug Attachment

Suitable for plugs with this type of configuration;

e.g., Canada, U.S.A, China, Korea, Tahiti and Vietnam.
Click here for a complete list of other countries.

Price: $149.95

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Orgone Geoclense with Type D Plug
Orgone Geoclense with Type D Adaptor Plug Attachment

Suitable for plugs with this type of configuration;

e.g., India, Kuwait, Libya, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.
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Price: $149.95

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Orgone Geoclense with Type F Plug
Orgone Geoclense with Type F Adaptor Plug Attachment

Suitable for plugs with this type of configuration;

e.g., Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Spain.
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e.g., Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Monaco, and Uruguay.
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Price: $149.95

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Orgone Geoclense with Type G Plug
Orgone Geoclense with Type G Adaptor Plug Attachment

Suitable for plugs with this type of configuration;

e.g., Bahrain, Channel Islands, Singapore, UAE, and United Kingdom.
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Price: $149.95

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Orgone Geoclense with Type I Plug
Orgone Geoclense with Type I Adaptor Plug Attachment

Suitable for plugs with this type of configuration;

e.g., Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.
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Price: $149.95

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Orgone Geoclense with Type I Plug
Orgone Geoclense with Type CH Adaptor Plug Attachment

Suitable for Chinese power points;

Suitable for China.

Price: $149.95

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"The Geoclense is incredible - I now get the deepest night's sleep now that grid lines have been eliminated from my home. Also, I have noticed foods last longer in my refrigerator - I had a half used bottle of cream which was 3 weeks past its use by date and when I opened it, still smelled fresh! This shows the impact of the Geoclense on all electrical goods in the home, including the refrigerator motor." G Hernon 5 Stars

"Within 5 min or less: plugging in Geoclense, wearing the pendant, and placing Schumann generators, I can definitely sense something different !" J Garth 5 Stars

"The Orgone Geoclense has done exactly what I was told it would do and we are all getting a good nights sleep. We suffered from Geopathic stress as told by my naturopath and after a few weeks of using the Orgone Geoclense, I am happy to announce that we no longer suffer from Geopathic stress. Our star ratings would be 5 for both products and a 5 for the service and help that I received from your company." L & J Mancini 5 Stars

"I have had a Geoclense for a while now and I have become accustomed to the improved energy in my house, so I was shocked when the Geoclense was recently unplugged. I could feel the energy drop and I felt a heaviness - subtle but not pleasant. I couldn't wait to get it plugged back in again. I can feel the extent of the extra energy from the Geoclense outside my house and even in the street - I know where it stops as I start to feel that heaviness again. It's interesting that visitors to my home often comment that my house has a nice 'feel' to it, or that it has good energy, so I know that others are noticing the effects of the Geoclense too. I choose not to have wireless internet connection because of the radiation, however I discovered one day that I could pick up my neighbour's wireless connection, so it is still in my home. I know that I am protected with the Geoclense - I am so glad to have the Geoclense and know that I am protected from harmful radiation." Jenner, Theta Healer 5 Stars

"The Orgone Geoclense I would give a 5 rating. I am quite sensitive to EMF's so I felt relieve in my chest by the next day. I was impressed how food, especially vegetables keep fresh so much longer than before using the Geoclense. My kids noticed how much better or fresher the water coming out of the water cooler tastes. The best was making some ice cubes for the first time and having them grow little stems out of their ice cube trays as if it were a sprout growing upwards. (I realize that water expands when it is frozen but I had never seen water behave like this was "alive"). Perhaps these products should come with a little "warning label" "Could cause you to HEAL!" : ) What I am getting at is that with some individuals such as myself who are sensitive, you can actually feel pretty awful the first couple of weeks of having these products around. When your immune system has been suppressed by the effects of geopathic stress and EMF's and then you remove these stresses, your body then pushes forward all these physical symptoms so that it can heal itself. Regardless, I am truly thankful for your company as you are allowing myself and my family a safer living environment." Wilson, Vancouver Island, Canada 5 Stars

"Extremely satisfied with the product. House seems much calmer now and I don't see those apparitions anymore. Both hubby and I can sleep longer and deeper. I don't hear those voices [fuzzy radio like stuff] either." P Hillard Westland MI U.S.A 5 Stars

"This device surpassed my expectations by a fair amount. The Geopathic waves in my building were really out of balance... I could feel strong body reactions in the first 2 hours... later on... just a sensation of ease. I woke up today in another environment... I am so grateful this happened! So you look at a green soap-like product and wonder: how could it be possible? Then you test it. And it just works. This is no magic. But is fantastic indeed. It harmonized the energy of the whole building to say the least. I highly recommend it!" F Rodrigues Brasil 5 Stars

"The Orgone Geoclense has reduced the dirty electricity in my apartment creating a more healthy living environment." D Briggs Iowa U.S.A 5 Stars

"The Geoclense solved my problem with crossed water ways under the property (a sewerage line over a natural water table). Also, being an old house in an area less than 1km from a prison, there were many discordant energies in the area. The house was haunted (it has changed hands 5 times in 10 years) and we were having "interrupted" sleeps and dreams. Since installing the Geoclense, we're sleeping better, our health is back to optimum and our "creative" energy is available again. Also there is more harmony and clearer communication between all family members. As soon as I plugged it in, I felt the space in the house instantly lighten and expand. The energy of the garden around the house seemed to permeate into the space more noticeably and I felt the tranquillity that a garden gives. It's a great thing and glad I have it in the house." R Cogger Vic Australia 5 Stars

"I recently purchased a Geoclense device from you....Your customer service was exemplary on all fronts---you took the time to research and carefully answer my (numerous) questions regarding the use of device, and the device, itself, arrived relatively quickly and in perfect condition. So I would certainly give you a 5-Star rating...." S Cox OH U.S.A 5 Stars

"Your service and products are simply put, amazing! I am so pleased with the Geoclense, Schumann Generator and pendant, that I have placed a second order to give to my children for their homes. I am finally getting the much needed REM sleep that I have not been able to get in years. My anxiety has gone and I feel so at peace. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." Lynn, MI U.S.A 5 Stars

"I recently purchased a geoclense from you guys and I have to say this is one awesome device. Upon plugging it in, the energy in my home literally and instantly went from stagnant and dead, to joyous and harmonious, almost like a switch being turned on. I don't know how you make these things, but it seems almost miraculous to me that they are able to do this. This is one product I'll be recommending to everyone" G Foote AZ U.S.A 5 Stars

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm interested in the Geoclense. Is this also a Schumann resonance generator?

The Geoclense is also a Schumann generator, except a very much more effective one. The reason for this is the entire wiring system that penetrates throughout your home becomes harmonized, acting not only as a Schumann generator but also as a negative ion generator penetrating the home so much more effectively.

Q. Is it alright with a two way adaptor?

We usually recommend that it be plugged into a dedicated power point rather than an adaptor for maximum effectiveness.

Q. Should it be in an open space with no furniture etc. in front of it.

Having furniture or other equipment in front of the Geoclense will not effect the Geoclense in any way.

Q. Does the Orgone Geoclense have to be plugged in to a central power point in the home or can it be plugged into any power point?

It is NOT necessary to plug the Geoclense into a central point. The Geoclense can be plugged into any power point in the home, as long as that power point works.

Q. Some years ago there were devices that you could put into your mobile phone to stop radiation effecting the user but it pushed the radiation away from the user into surrounding areas which could be detrimental to other people, do any of your products work like this?

No they work on a totally different principle. The products that we use harmonize the radiation making it harmless to humans, whereas the many other devices out there try to shield (which is virtually impossible) and do other little tricks. I have tried and tested different devices over 20 years now and these are in my opinion the most effective and the safest. They will not cause detriment in any way to others.

Q. Am I correct in understanding that what you've done is run the 50-60 Hz through the Orgone material and that radiates to the environment?

Sort of - what happens is the material contacts the wiring and the properties of the material "harmonize" the energies being carried by the wiring making them acceptable to the human body. Without the harmonization, the frequencies unbalance, and are consequentially dangerous over the long term to the human body.

Q. My further assumption is that the Geoclense when not plugged in or when there is no current (about half the time here) is equivalent to the Dome or Quan Yin Statue?

Yes that is correct but the Geoclense is far more reaching and effective.

Q. Does the Geoclense carry a warranty?

Our Geoclense devices do have a warranty period of 12 months for defective manufacture. All Geoclense devices are tested prior to being released for sale to ensure that they properly work.

Q. I have ordered the plug in Geoclense and wonder if there would be any benefit to also having the area neutralizer dome on the table where we have two computers sitting.

If you have the Geoclense, then you have he most powerful device possible and it would not be necessary to have the dome as all of the electrical and electronics in both computers would be harmonized by the Geoclense.

Q. According to my personal impression and better sleeping I can also tell that Orgone Geoclense is excellent. But I also need some explanation, if possible. We wanted to somehow test Orgone Geoclense because our major concern was geopathic stress (esp. Benker grid) and knowing the fact that there are no devices that could eliminate the one. Our friend who is a Geomancy specialist using "forked branch" (not sure if this is the right translation) tested our home few weeks after plugging the Geoclense, but he said that according to "forked branch" nothing changed and all lines and grids are still present.

The Geoclense will not actually make the Benker grid line disappear, but rather it will firstly harmonize it rendering it safe for human health, and it will balance positive ions with negative ions giving a further dampening effect. Any geomancer will still be able to detect the grid line. However, we need to look beyond instruments and feel the energies about us. Usually this is only possible for certain individuals in the population that are "energy sensitive" - people who can feel grid lines and the like. The inventor of the Geoclense is one such person, and his claims are backed up by many other individuals that are energy sensitive, as well as biofeedback machines that indicate there is no longer geopathic stress present when a Geoclense is installed, despite dowsing rods indicating the presence of for instance a Benker grid line. This is why you are feeling more comfortable in your home, and why you are sleeping better, as the grid line is still there, but it is balanced ionically and it is harmonized rendering it safe to our human bodies.

Q. I travel to different countries. Is your Geoclense adaptable between 120 and 240 volts?

Yes. The Geoclense is adaptable to 120 and 240 volts. All that you need to do is purchase a travel mate so that the Geoclense fits the power socket for the country that you are visiting.

Q. Please let me know on how the Geoclense handles power surges

The unit does not actually pass electricity through electronics, and power surges therefore are not a problem.

Q. Does the Geoclense work when there is no power in mains?


Q. You advertise it as having a switch. Mines does not have a switch. Is this because its a USA model?

There is no switch as such on the Geoclense itself. What we refer to in the web site is switching the Geoclense on at the wall point - the actual wall plug into which the Geoclense is inserted (if it has a switch).

Q. Can you tell me if installing a Geoclense would remove the need to go from wireless technology, i.e., internet and cordless phones, to Ethernet and cables...does it neutralise their output also?

That is correct - you would not need to go from wireless to Ethernet. The wireless technology would be harmonized by the Geoclense.

Q. What if I order a Orgone Geoclense plug and don't like the energy? What is your return / refund policy?

We do accept returns. Our returns policy details are shown at

Q. I wonder if the effectiveness of the Geoclense will be bounded within the wall of the room that it is activated. As I intend to run wireless network, and other computer equipment etc in another room that is totally block by wall from the room that I would activate the Geoclense.

The Geoclense is not bounded by the room in which it is activated. It will do the entire home, as well as the yard surrounding the home, and usually several metres beyond the property boundaries.

Q. Can you tell me what percentage of homes with serious evil activity in them are sorted out by the Geoclense? Can you also tell for how long the Geoclense is effective at neutralizing demonic activity in them? i.e. Do the evil or bad spirits find a way to adapt to the Geoclense?

The Geoclense is 100% effective in removing paranormal activity, including darker entities attached to certain individual auras. Darker entities are unable to adapt.

Q. For the Orgone Geoclense product, I understand you connect it to any electrical outlet port in the home. My home is 4500 sQ. ft (2 stories), so I thought that electrical configurations in the home are sectioned off by their subpanel? So is the product still effective if you only buy one?

If you have the one meter box, then you will only need one Geoclense. If you have 2 meter boxes, then there are effectively 2 separate circuits in your home and you will need one Geoclense for each of the separated circuits.

Q. How do you know it is on? No light? Will it burn up or quit and not know it?

There is no way of knowing that it is on as it does not consume power as such, but simply touches the electrical wiring behind the power point thereby converting the entire wiring in the home into negative ion generator. As long as the power point works (you can test this by plugging a lamp in and checking that the lamp works), then the Geoclense will continuously work. According to the developer, the Geoclense will never "burn out" as such as experiments are still going with early forms of the Geoclense from over 10 years ago.

Q. Please suggest the product to purchase regarding noxious energy such as removing entities that can effect our sacred space in our homes.

Yes the Geoclense has helped many people in my experience over the last 2 years with paranormal activity and bad energies. It was developed by a gifted person who was previously (and still is) a specialist in "ghost busting".

Q. Does the Geoclense actually eliminate mould and fungus from house?

No - it will simply alter the resonance so that it is no longer dangerous to your health.

Q. If we have a Geoclense at home, do we also need to put the cell phone protector on the computer at home, particularly if on Wi-Fi?

You will not need a cell phone protector on your computer if you are running a Geoclense. You will however need a cell phone protector on devices that you take outside of your home as they will no longer be protected by the Geoclense when outside of the home.

Q. If you don't mind please explain and inform me of why orgonite can be dangerous?

People who are energy sensitive get a sick sensation when they come into contact or are close by an object made from span lang="en-au">orgonite. Initially the orgonite devices release negative ions as they should, but they then later on start to release dangerous positive ions which are bad for ones long term health and can result in conditions such as degenerative diseases. Also, orgonite devices have a capacitor effect, and when you touch a device made from orgonite whether you are energy sensitive or not, you feel a slight buzzing in your finger tips, as it releases burst after burst of ions. The human body does not take kindly to this effect. The Orgonium devices that we sell release negative ions constantly, rather than in bursts which is a lot safer, and they release the negative ions permanently. The Orgonium devices have been tested uses biofeedback and kirlian analysis. I personally wear the Orgone pendant that we sell through our site, and my office and home are protected using a Geoclense device. I have attempted using orgonite ddevices over a number of years but felt the Orgonium devices that we started selling 2 years ago are far more effective, and people always notice results.

Q. Ours is a very old house. Do the plugs and switches each need to be grounded for the Geoclense to work in our house? We grounded all the plugs, but the switches aren't easily accessible for grounding.

No this is not necessary. As long as you can plug the Geoclense into your power point, it will operate correctly. Even though it comes with a grounding pin, it isn't actually used. The positive and negative pins are responsible for the Geoclense functioning correctly.

Q. Will the Geoclense neutralize microwaves from cell phones and their towers that are coming into the the house?


Q. I am interested in the Geoclense and wish to know what is the maintenance (if any) and how long does it last.

There is no maintenance required. It has an unlimited life with some earlier models (up to 10 years old) showing that they do not fade at all when tested.

Q. Is the Orgone Geoclense portable, i.e. can it be used in the hotels or homes that I visit?

Absolutely! When I travel, I always take a Geoclense with me to correct my accommodation while I am staying there.

Q. I am interested to learn the maximum square footage that the Orgone Geoclense can harmonize.

The Geoclense uses sophisticated radionic programming to determine the size of the area that it will cover. I had a report from one geomancer where he was testing a 20 acre farming property (home and grazing land), and the property was equally harmonized to just a little beyond the fence line as a result of the Geoclense. He was unable to locate the ley lines until he went to beyond the property boundaries. Other geomancers have reported small units being fully protected with the range not extending much beyond the walls. My personal home is also protected to the fence line and partly into the road.

Your home will easily be covered as will your grounds to the property borderline. I know of many larger properties where the reports from geomancers assessing the home and property has been positive.

Q. Can I use the Geoclense on 220 volts? I am currently in the US and plan to travel to Europe. US uses 110 volts current.

Absolutely! The Geoclense doesn't actually absorb electrical energy. It simply touches the wiring converting the wiring into a distributor of negative ions throughout the home/building. It therefore does not matter the voltage or current to which the Geoclense is connected. We distribute the Geoclense globally with different plug fittings, yet it is composed of the same orgonium material.

Q. Should the Geoclense be switched on 24 hours/day?

Yes - it doesn't consume any power at all - it simply touches the electrical wiring making the wiring effectively produce life force or orgone energy throughout the home.

Q. How long does it take the Geoclense to work?

It is immediate but some things like accumulated negative ion build up takes around 4 days, and you will notice this by getting better sleep.

Q. I have Candida and heavy metal toxicity and some other problems. Would the Geoclense help?

With regard to the Candida, this is a common symptom observed in people who are electro hypersensitive (EHS). The EHS often causes acidic ph in the body generating the right conditions for Candida to manifest. After installing the Geoclense, you should investigate ways of reducing alkalinity in the body (e.g., drinking lemon juice in the morning etc) to rid yourself of the Candida. The alkalizer that we sell is also well worth considering.

Q. Also what do you think about the Geoclense handling radiation, as in Japan's disaster spreading everywhere?

The Geoclense is not designed to handle nuclear radiation./p>

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